AnTiThesis Series

AnTiThesis: The finale to Thesis series

After months of fiddling with titanium, we decided it was time to go ahead and start the project we had been aiming for since we became a company: create a titanium yoyo.

As a new yoyoer, titanium yoyos were just worlds away from other yoyos and I could never quite understand what made titanium yoyos so special outside the material. Then I realized it was the material, but more so what such an expensive material motivated companies to do. No longer could cheap packaging with a yoyo and flimsy string be accepted, they had to go up and beyond; they had to be original and imaginative. 

Now my goal for Thesis was always a detail-oriented approach. The heavy saturation of the yoyo industry made it hard to stand out,  so instead of focusing on all the aspects companies throw into their customers' face, I decided to focus on the little things that everyone appreciates.

This started off by more interaction with the community, answering 1000s of messages and comments to better connect to what brings a smile when you open a package. I used this to gather information regarding what yoyoers appreciate and the conclusion: its often things that are never asked from a company. Crazy right? Nobody asks for it, but that's why getting it is special. Everyone loves surprises and we're here to deliver on them.

Things like including extras in the package, engraving small details on a yoyo, and now with this titanium making the waiting process somewhat fun instead of a drag via the Halfway Package that will be sent out halfway through the process. It will include a special gift which can get you kickstarted on another hobby which is applicable in everyday life and is very enjoyable. We can't wait to introduce you all to....well not yet, it's a surprise :)

Another surprise we wanted to include with this model was an anodization fitting of Thesis. More and more companies over the past few years have been moving to the titanium market and introducing amazing colorways which are now beloved by many. Colorways are extremely important to us and there is one in particular that has become a favorite among many: Rosegold. It's a color both Colin and I are obsessed with and frankly it felt wrong not to include a rosegold colorway with the finale to the Thesis series. 

So we bring to you: The Rosegold Edition AnTiThesis

That's right. Rosegold. It's here in titanium. 

Of course we understand not everyone will love rosegold as much as us, so we're also including the black and gray and if you're itching to do your own ano or keep titanium in its original form: raw.

Rosegold, black, and gray will be blasted to get a butter smooth finish for grinds and a soft feel in the hand. We're sure you'll love this yoyo and the special Halfway Package 

Now the only thing left is for us to deliver this project to you and for you to let us give you a taste of what it's like to get a Thesis yoyo.

Honorary mention to a fellow rosegold lover: Andy 

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