SynThesis Series

The SynThesis is our first model. It features an H/V-shape hybrid that gears it toward a competition feel. The heavier weight of the yoyo and wide gap width allows for multiple string wraps and gears the yoyo to tech based performance rather than speed. The high saturation of lightweight v-shaped yoyos designed for speed is a trend we wanted to step away from at the time. This yoyo is not meant to go fast, but rather create an enjoyable experience best taken slowly. The matte finish and lip provide an excellent combo for various grind based tricks. A high-end yoyo at a fraction of the cost; a Thesisyoyo.

Retail: $50


Diameter: 55.0mm

Width: 43.5mm

Gap Width: 4.50mm

Weight: 66.4g

Colorways: Palatine Blue, Royal Purple, Jet Black, Sterling Silver

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